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Building "green" means building responsibly. Our"green" building process represents a consistent attempt to eliminate inefficiencies throughout the entire design and construction process, thus saving our clients money short- and long-term. We thrive on making clients aware of the many opportunities to build responsibly at no higher cost than with traditional construction methods. We focus on utilizing eco-friendly building materials and finishes, high-efficiency mechanical systems, tight air-sealing and proper insulating procedures, renewable energy sources when feasible, and many other measures to help achieve a state of lower consumption and environmental impact.

The Cost of "Green"

There are many ways to incorporate sustainable alternatives into any building project, some of which have no cost impact while others have a reasonable return on investment of the upfront premium. Items such as eco-friendly paints/coatings, high-efficiency LED and CFL lighting fixtures, water-saving plumbing fixtures, local building materials, tight air-sealing and proper recycling of waste can be introduced into any project, often at no additional cost. Some of the more costly items to consider are high-performance windows and doors, insulation, mechanical systems and alternative energy sources. Because of the higher cost of these measures, it is best to incorporate them in new construction and gut-remodels, before the walls are closed up and the fine details are in place. The up-front costs are higher but the savings in energy usage (utility bills) and the benefits of a clean, healthy, efficient and durable home guarantee greater value and comfort long into the future.

Massachusetts Energy Codes

Massachusetts Energy Code requires that any new construction and/or renovation/addition projects in MA comply with the 2015-IECC code as modified by the state. This means that at a minimum your new house needs to have the TBC (Thermal Bypass Checklist) inspection, Blower Door Test, Duct-Leakage Test and/or a HERS rating done for your project (Home Energy Rating System).

Building departments in MA will not issue the Certificate of Occupancy without the Final HERS certificate and/or related document to show compliance with the MA Energy Code.

Boston Architects and Builders works closely with experienced Energy Consultants to help you meet the above requirement at either no or very minimal out of pocket cost to you. However, we need to get involved at the beginning of the project (usually at the planning phase) rather than the end, so you don't run into any issues for not passing the final inspection/testing and obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy. These include:

  • Energy Modeling and Building Permit
  • Energy Consulting
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Incentives and Benefits
  • Final Certificate


Boston Architects and Builders staff have the following credentials:

Past projects include:

  • LEED for Homes Silver Certification
  • Deep Energy Retrofit
  • Energy Star Labeled Home